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Lethal Fantasies : Chrysalis

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Lethal Fantasies : Chrysalis

21 Oct, 2023
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Lethal Fantasies

‘Chrysalis’ officiates Lethal Fantasies as Bussy Temple’s ongoing party series, platforming femme and nonbinary DJs & artists within Southeast Asia’s vibrant contemporary electronic dance music scene. This initiative also serves as a creative avenue for us to explore multifaceted aspects of femininity.

This effort is rooted in our collective recognition of the need for representation and accessible platforms promoting Southeast Asian DJs. More importantly, it’s fueled by a shared understanding of the enduring influence of colonial constructs on our historical trajectory that continues to reverberate through our societal frameworks, identities, and artistic expressions.

Graphic design credits: JJ Low ( IG: @arcaneomorph (formerly abysmal khaos)”


Bussy Temple is a collective of creatives organizing raves centering queers, trans, nonbinary, and femmes. Organically formed through the shared frustration of the lack of non cis-men queer spaces in Singapore, our parties serve as a social and political tool to expand and distort the vocabularies of queerness, as well as create and promote safe spaces for you to let go, glitch, and expand your way of being.

DJs, Artists, and Performers

Teya Logos (Philipines)

Teya Logos is a militanteng transpinay and artist-activist screaming and producing violent dance music from Quezon City. Fixated on the colonized, queer, and women’s struggle, she cites her inspirations are hardcore, harsh-noise, budots, kabadingan, and Maoism.

Despite choosing to remain primarily independent, Teya has gained recognition on the international stage. She has released music on Czech label UNIZONE, the Egyptian label ANBA, and contributed to the Palestinian charity-compilation “FREE” on Mutants Mxitape with a single titled “FUCK THE WEST”. In the past, Teya has performed at popular electronic music events such as Boiler Room, CTM Festival, Club Matryoshka, and Club Quarantine, while having her work and sets featured on popular media outlets such as Boiler Room, DJ Mag, Mixmag Asia, and ABS-CBN.

Puppy Ri0t (Vietnam)

Born and raised in an interconnected online world, Puppy Ri0t’s musical influences are as diverse as the beats that she absorbs a multitude of genres. When Puppy Ri0t first stepped behind the decks, she deftly channeled this rich tapestry of sounds, weaving them together to create her signature chaotic sets that ignite dancefloors and leave crowds in awe.

Puppy Ri0t’s sonic creations defy conventional classification, as she boldly ventures into uncharted territories of musical experimentation. Her soundscapes are a kaleidoscope of deconstructed beats, high-octane club anthems, and irresistible intensity. Rejecting the confines of genre limitations, she fearlessly explores new sonic frontiers, ensuring that each set is a true reflection of her personality and an unparalleled form of self-expression.

rEmPiT g0dDe$$ (Malaysia)

Part of the SouthEast Asian experimental electronic scene, Victoria Yam moves between worlds as easily as she slips between her two experimental music projects, VIKTORIA and rEmPiT g0dDe$$

Spending her time between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, the producer and DJ boldly ventures into the farthest, darkest recesses of industrial club, whipping up missives from the underground – playing across Asia such as Boiler Room for Maho Rasop Festival in Bangkok, Naarm’s speed at Final in taipei, The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions Festival in Singapore, Pesta Pora Festival in Jakarta, Orbitware in Bali, Nhạc Gãy in Saigon & many more.

Victoria is an aspiring Southeast Asian music researcher in the development of Southeast Asia’s experimental music scene and has been exploring in-depth the practices of forward-thinking club & rave culture through visiting, playing in asia’s forward-thinking parties & participating in music research residencies organised by Nusasonic, Goethe Institute, British Council, Onebeat & many more.

Suhsi (Malaysia)

Suhsi is the esteemed founder and designer behind STW, (@stw.stw.stw), an artisanal jewelry brand infused with a captivating dark aesthetic, dedicated to delving into the concept of contrasting appearances and underlying realities.

Suhsi also exhibits her talent as a DJ specializing in the enthralling genres of psytrance and techno music. Her profound passion for music serves as a conduit for expressing her profound spiritual connection with the universe. Beyond its influence on her work behind the deck, music profoundly impacts Suhsi’s creative process in jewelry design, imbuing her creations with an extraordinary depth and innovative energy.


Metamoksha is a co-founder and the resident DJ for Bussy Temple. Their sets are known to be nothing short of antipodean odysseys- fiercely relentless, brutal, yet tender. Seamlessly moving across genres with their signature industrial hardcore tunes to hard trance and gentler ethereal strains of longing melodies and existential cries, their set this time will take you on a sacred journey to contrasting realms of saviour and destruction, pain and pleasure, damnation and salvation.

NydThakid (Singapore)

nydthakid (they/she) is an image maker by day and DJ by night. their sonic world journeys through cosmic disco, electronic dance anthems, and cunty techno. they are driven by the desire for queer joy, camaraderie, and healing on sweaty dance floors.


Light installation by Alina Ling

Performance by XUESonia, and Divya

Custom jewelleries/accessories/plushies by: stw.stw.stw and HEXENSKYE!

For more information on performance and artists, check @bussytemple‘s instagram.


House Rules

1. Respect the vibe and the space around you. Leave your arrogance out of the room, nobody is better than anyone.

2. This is a queer event that prioritizes trans, nonbinary, and femmes. If you’re a cis man, be mindful of the space you’re taking up.

3. Consent is key. Do not touch anyone in the space without their consent. ALWAYS ASK, DO NOT ASSUME.

4. Look out for yourself and each other. If you see or experience any situation involving discrimination, bullying, or if someone makes you uncomfortable, please approach the organizer by the door or any of our security. We are a community and we’re here to support one another.

5. Finally, have fun and let the music guide you. Dance, connect, and create unforgettable memories. Together, we can make this rave an incredible experience for everyone involved


72-13 72-13
Mohamed Sultan Road 239007 Singapore + Google Map