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Bussy Temple: Spectral Mass

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Bussy Temple: Spectral Mass

26 Nov, 2022
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All Welcome, Non-binary, Queer, Trans
Sat 26 Nov 2022, 10:00 PM — Sun 27 Nov 2022, 2:00 AM Asia/Singapore Standard Time

Dear Spectres,

We have been roaming between the human world, the realm of gods, and the terrains of hell for the past few centuries.

As we have collectively spent our stored mana, it is time we meet.

When we began the sacred ritual of the Spectral Mass three revolutions ago, we were mere humans. The Mass has given us power to draw from the Temple to leave our corporeal bodies. A magnificent gift beyond what we could ever imagine! With our ability to experience and gather knowledge across time and realms, we are the closest beings on the path to transcendence.

We gather on the 26th of November in the human timeline of the year 2022 to jointly regain our mana, gather insights and prepare for our next revolution. Do not be discouraged. We are so close to building our own realm,

We look forward to seeing you at the Spectral Mass. Invite your fellow Spectres, even those who are yet to discover they are one of us.

The Council of Spectres

  1. Respect the vibe. Leave your arrogance out of the room, nobody is better than anyone. This is a queer event that prioritizes trans, nonbinary, and fems. If you’re a cis man, be mindful of the space you’re taking up.
  2. Respect the space. Help us keep it clean, the organizers will be cleaning after this. any form of help is appreciated.
  3. Consent is key. Do not touch anyone in the space without their consent. ALWAYS ASK, DO NOT ASSUME. If they look too drunk to drive your car they’re too drunk to kiss you.
  4. Strictly no illegal activities at the venue. No touting, no harassment, no illegal substances.
  5. If you see or experience any situation involving discrimination, bullying, or if someone makes you uncomfortable, please approach the organizer by the door or any of our security and we will respond to however you feel is appropriate.

10PM – 2AM.
Limited public slots. No Walk-ins unless announced on the day.

While we welcome everyone, this is a queer event that prioritizes trans, non-binary, and fem bodies. If you are not from the community, we would like you to reflect more on why you’d like to come to specifically this party before coming.

All payment of sums is a donation that will be applied to pay for the venue, DJs, VJs, and performers, as well as to create more queer-friendly spaces for the community in the future.

Music will strictly be a spectrum of Techno.

Secure your slot by registering below. Make sure to copy/open the link directly in a Chrome/Safari/browser of your choice when submitting the form through your mobile devices. In-app browser from Instagram won’t work.

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26 Nov 2022@10:00 pm SMT
27 Nov 2022@2:00 am SMT
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