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Bussy Temple presents: XENOFLESH

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Bussy Temple presents: XENOFLESH

16 Dec, 2023
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deconstructed, hardcore, hardtechno, noise, Parties / Nightlife, Queer, Singapore Parties

Xenoflesh is an immersive noise, experimental music, and techno rave, blending in elements of performance art. The event explores the concept of queer post-humanism, blurring boundaries between machine-nature and mutant-human.

i dream of a blasphemy. we come from surrogate wombs, gestated by our own hands. the haraway cyborg emerging beyond holy dualisms now archaic: i am nature-machine-human-animal-the ideal-the material.

metamorphosis is moot, change is our only god. our limbs detachable, pharmaco-interventions abound. synapses rush thoughts from the other side of the net into our consciousness.

in me is the universe, delivered through data. our bodies an altar, a home for multiplicities: embodying i—you—networks—pulses—what has been—what will be—an infinite interflow of subjectivities…a mutant queer future.


Bussy Temple is a collective of creatives organizing queer raves centering queers, trans, nonbinary, and femmes. Organically formed through the shared frustration of the lack of non cis-men queer spaces in Singapore, our parties serve as a social and political tool to expand and distort the vocabularies of queerness, as well as create and promote safe spaces for you to let go, glitch, and expand your way of being.

D Js, Artists, and Performers

FITNESSS (Los Angeles)

FITNESSS emerges as a composite of wires and veins
coursing with the distilled rage and sorrow of a decimated Los Angeles
prosthetic electronics trigger angelic pulsations
flowing through nervous pathways to communicate
the primordial choreography of our Holy Ancestors

LUηG ( Los Angeles)
Born out of the ashes of a post-industrial Tokyo, LUηG oscillates between combat, ritual, and catharsis simulation. The work reflects on the corruption of memory through absorbed myth and paranoia. The body and voice are tethered to outside entities that manipulate the spirit into a mechanized cry of collective abyss. A meditation of self-weaponization, visceral noise, and split flesh. LUηG is also 1/2 of RABIA, a DIY unit centered around immersive, contemporary club nights and designed spaces of concentrated intimacy.

Jas Lin 林思穎 & Hearthealer (Los Angeles)

Jas Lin is a Taiwanese American performance artist and choreographer whose work lives in underground club scenes and experimental art spaces. Jas’ choreography, films, & workshops have been shared around the world, including at MOCA LA, Power Station of Art Shanghai, V&A Museum, Danshallerne Copenhagen, SXSW, NOWNESS ASIA, & 4:3 Boiler Room. Named after the stinging cells of jellyfish and other cnidarians, NEMATOCYST encapsulates a venom of love and freedom.

Hearthealer is a DJ, producer, and writer who crafts world-building sets with an intentional and dramatic storyline. In Los Angeles, they host Broken Blade, an underground fantasy party. Hearthealer is currently in production on a rave based animated series they created with the studio behind Castlevania and Adventuretime.

On tour from Los Angeles, NEMATOCYST is a collaboration between performance artist Jas Lin & producer/DJ Hearthealer. A bioluminescent creature embodied by Jas Lin lures the audience into releasing their feral freedom to music by Hearthealer.

ila / madamdata (Singapore)
ila / madamdata are both musicians, alongside other tired, metaphysically indistinct, sometimes joyful occupations –

ila / madam data are interested broadly in the motion of power through bodies, the sleeping body, the sleeping city, the beautiful notion of worming their way slowly into auntiehood. By auntiehood they mean: clarity of purpose.

ila / madamdata both long for the trees and the sea. By auntiehood they mean: when the grass has eaten the last skyscraper.

ila / madam data did perform dance music together one time, by accident, and now they must continue. It’s just that way. They are very sorry.

Chaulichi (Vietnam, Saigon)
Chaulichi is a multi-disciplinary artist and self-made musician/DJ based in Saigon, Vietnam who creates an environment that combines fashion, performance, digital visual and sound settings.

Her multi-sensory experiences alternate between contemporary practice and nightclub exploration, collecting electronic music equipment from 2handmarkets helps her form diverse and immature senses when beginning practising electronic experimental music in the Southeast Asian context.

She often brings about an atmosphere of ritual, destruction, peeling off layers of texture, from pure dream to dirty, angry. Intense rhythm with distorted vocals combined with materials about gender, objects and technology are often included in her music sets..
She has contributed to projects, installed exhibitions, and performed for programs organised by Chomhom_asiansquat, Nusasonic, Project Duna, Heritage Space… Currently, she is the founder of Ai O collective, a project about experimental art and party.

Baben Shin (Singapore)
Baben Shin is forgetful of names in a world accused of too many alibis. Some things are still too raw to be tamed by a name. A context could help them find meaning. Shin dynamics: context machine.

howrøng (Singapore)
howrøng is a moniker that started in Berlin, influenced by the same intense energy that inspired them when they were living in Berlin’s underground techno music scene, hearing sets from the likes of Raven, Chlär and CEM. Now as a resident DJ and member of Singapore-based queer collective ‘Bussy Temple’, howrøng aims to create safe rave spaces for queer folk in Singapore with their music. Their style can be described as a journey through hard groove, techno and deconstructed club, with many selections from their favourite labels Mord Records, Mutual Rytm and BCCO, also including music from local artists in south east asia such as Tzusing, Xhin, rEmPiT g0dDe$$ and Gabber Modus Operandi.

Expect an exploration of queer identity through gritty sounds with hard kicks and deep-cutting beats, and the occasional queer pop banger.

For more information on performance and artists, check @bussytemple‘s instagram.

House Rules

1. Respect the vibe and the space around you. Leave your arrogance out of the room, nobody is better than anyone.

2. This is a queer event that prioritizes trans, nonbinary, and femmes. If you’re a cis man, be mindful of the space you’re taking up, encourage and let the trans/NB/femms folks to the front!

3. Consent is key. Do not touch anyone in the space without their consent. ALWAYS ASK, DO NOT ASSUME.

4. Look out for yourself and each other. If you see or experience any situation involving discrimination, bullying, or if someone makes you uncomfortable, please approach the organizer by the door or any of our security. We are a community and we’re here to support one another.

5. Finally, have fun and let the music guide you. Dance, connect, and create unforgettable memories. Together, we can make this rave an incredible experience for everyone involved