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Bussy Temple: Father’s Womb

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Bussy Temple: Father’s Womb

17 Jun, 2023
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Sat 17 Jun 2023, 8:00 PM — Sun 18 Jun 2023, 2:00 AM Asia/Singapore Standard Time
Mohamed Sultan Road 239007 Singapore

Bussy Temple presents Father’s Womb: With an all-queer and gender non-conforming lineup, we wish to celebrate those who do not find themselves settled on a single identity this pride season.

“In the Father’s Womb, you are energy: where we gather as pulses, before we were ever material beings. Shed your form, the skin that binds — shimmering, iridescent, genderless.

We know this place. We have been here before. We have floated here, felt the tenderness of standing, raw, merging together. A sea of purities and impurities, all in one, it was you, it was me, it was all us.

Beyond fear – beyond binds – we liquified, learning to feel each other through only our presence. The shapes that squirm. The thuds that sync. The lulls, an intake of breath.

The womb awaits.”

Graphic design credits: JJ Low (IG @abysmal.khaos)


Sanctuary: Get ready, re-energise, and pre-party with us before the rave

In hopes to strengthen the bonds within our community, we are hosting sanctuary activities prior to the party. We wish to energize ourselves collectively before the party begins, through Queer Rituals that we shall manifest together. Come forth early at 8 PM to get ready with us and build small shrines around the space.

Toilets and mirrors will be available for dressing up. Limited make up available for use. More details to follow.


Who are we

Bussy Temple is a collective of creatives organizing raves centering queers, trans, nonbinary, and femmes. Organically formed through the shared frustration of the lack of non-cis-men queer spaces in Singapore, our parties serve as a social and political tool to expand and distort the vocabularies of queerness, as well as create and promote safe spaces for you to let go, glitch, and expand your way of being.


DJs and Light Artist

Dance Divine (Berlin)

Dance Divine is a Berlin-based nonbinary artist that invites their audience to seize the fleeting present. They often embark the public on a 150 BPM techno ride, rhythming the dance to volatile instants. Anchored in lunar cycles, Dance Divine’s sets explore sexual energy and its potential for awakening.

When asked to specify their music genre, Dance Divine says: “I don’t do techno. Techno is a political movement that doesn’t exist as such anymore. What I do is storytelling. I invest drums and kicks with meaning and bring the music back to the voice as an expression of courage. My stories are an invitation to dance as a way of healing.

Sayang (UK)

Sayang is a Malaysian British DJ and sound artist who uses sound and space to explore intersections of gender, race, queerness and access. They are CoFounder of QTIBIPoC/ queer Disabled/Trans centred party, Flesh in Tension.

Their DJ sets traverse raw noise and high voltage beats through all-vinyl sets, while nods to a background in UK techno and dubstep add depth. Curveballs from their musical roots, alongside freak, fetish and oddball favourites elevate their DJ style. SAYANG’s tongue-in-cheek approach questions their place in the music they play while taking the reins behind genres and tracks they weren’t always invited to.

Halalbutch (Whadjuk Noongar boodja / ‘perth’)

halalbutch is an artist, DJ and community organiser based in Whadjuk Noongar boodja (‘perth’) operating towards a provision of tools for collective joy and liberation. Their selections draw movement from experimental broken beats, acid, IDM, jungle, footwork, jersey and old school house.

Soyf§g (Singapore)

soyf§g (they/them) is the dj moniker of visual artist Aki Hassan. They are a resident DJ and co-organiser in Bussy Temple. Their sets are marked by hard tunes that gets our queer hearts pumping. They appear on Clyde Built Radio bi-monthly, where they play banging tunes & share unhinged queer trans encounters in their life.

Howrøng (Singapore)

Bouncy beats, hard kicks and queer anthems – howrøng‘s sonic selections are influenced by the same intense energy that inspired him when he was living in Berlin’s underground electronic scene, especially from the likes of Raven, Chlär and LSDXOXO.

As a resident DJ for queer collective “Bussytemple”, howrøng aims to create safe rave spaces for queer folk in Singapore with his music. His distinct style can be described as a journey through groovy and hard techno, dipping into queer pop, ghetto house, and tribal tunes – while always keeping it cute and cunty.

Alina Ling

Alina Ling is an interactive designer that creates experiences and interfaces that explore new dimensions of sensory perception. Incorporating technology with different modalities, her multi-sensory works manipulate the physical and intangible to provide a deeper understanding of spatial constructs and perceptual experience.


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